day 7: taking steps to breathe life into your dreams

Today’s journaling will not be timed.  This is a very fun journaling day. You’ll need use loose leaf paper; fun colors preferably.

Title your page or pages,


Go back to journal entry number 1. on your new paper you will write

{THINGS I WANT TO DO, HAVE, BE & EXPERIENCE”} in a totally different way. Write I do, I have, I am, I experience and complete those sentences.

On a new piece of paper or a new section rewrite day 2 as your present; example: if you said love was an important part of life for you, perhaps you’d express that you have love in your life. You are loving yourself which will then attract the love of your life and loving friends or if you mentioned spirituality you’d express that you are holding space for spiritual growth as it is constantly teaching you new things.

On a new piece of paper or a new section affirm your day 4 journaling (wish list). Write the things you expressed as here and now. An example would be, you expressed; I wish I could teach English in a foreign country. Rewrite: My opportunity for travel and work is here now. I am on my way to new beginnings.

Do the same for day 5.

Finally grab a new piece of paper and write yourself a letter about releasing all that you journaled about on day 6. example: fear has stopped me from getting to my goals.

Dear fear, you no longer have control over my life. I have broken free of your shackles. Oh and for you insecurity we are done. I believe in myself and my abilities……so on and so forth. If you are open to it, feel free to have a ‘letting go’ ceremony by simply burning the letter.

Take these papers or pages you’ve created and put them in a place that you can read them often. Feel free to make them beautiful.