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Tips to Tidy

  1. Carve out time and commit. Make your mind up that this is a wonderful opportunity to create space in your life. Committing and a positive outlook will help you follow through with the actual task itself.

  2. Know your why. Stepping into this project with a clear vision of how you want your home to look and feel will help keep you inspired. Take some time to envision  or create a virtual vision board of you ideal home lifestyle.

  3. Out vs Move. For years I called myself tidying up by giving my stuff a new home. I would simply move things to a new place in the house. One day I realized I needed things to be moved out of my door vs into another space in the house. This cycle resulted in being organized only to relapse over and over again.

  4. Category vs Room. This may seem crazy, but instead of doing room by room gather everything in a category into one room. An example would be to gather all of your clothes in the entire house, even storage, into one room and start from there.

  5. In Good Order. According to Marie Kondo, the order is, “clothes, books, papers, komono (miscellany) and finally, sentimental items.” It’s easy to get off track looking at old photos or sentimental items. 

  6. Feeling. Ask yourself if each item inspires you or sparks joy. This process is encouraging you to focus on what you are keeping vs what you are getting rid of. Only keep things that bring you great joy.