05 MayLeaving Things Behind

Hello my beautiful friend. Fair warning: This might be a lengthy love note. I get a pass though because its my birthday. Right?!

Life has been happening in all kinds of amazing ways. As you know things are always changing and shifting. This is a big birthday for me. Nope… I’m not 40. This year marks my last days, weeks and months in my 30’s. It only dawned on me when someone mentioned that my born day was coming up and a peculiar feeling slowly seeped into my pours. After a few moments a thought followed; “there are some things that I need to leave behind in this decade.” I allowed the rest of the thoughts to flood in and what I realized is that it’s not just one decade! For almost 20 years I have been both emotionally and physically dragging things around with me like a bag lady. Now while I am 100% proud of the wonderful things I have accomplished, the beautiful relationships I have nurtured, my solo world travels and my constant self cultivation and growth; I am deeply inspired and lit up with what is to come while still adoring and honoring the present moment. I often tell my clients if they are staring back at the past or stretching to see the future, they’ll trample and trip on the present… the gift of now.

This influx of thoughts could have gotten me down but somehow it was quite the opposite; I felt totally inspired and fired up! It was an instant feeling of opportunity. Wait… what? I get to leave all of this S*@T behind that no longer serves me? Ummmmmm… sign me up! I realized that this is a repeat of my first days in the military. Their number one goal was to strip us down only to build us back up. As you can imagine, for a 19 year old Virginia girl, the military way was a bit brutal to say the least. Thank GOODNESS I have the tools to make this a more loving and nurturing process; peeling back layers in order to open some internal doors, explore, discover and rise. Every year I make declarations. For some I rise and others I fail. My mission now is to continue to rise and to only fail forward. That means, not making the same mistakes, not making declarations without a plan followed by clear action steps and one of my big challenges…. FOLLOWING THROUGH.

My Pretty Baggage

10 let alone 20 years of baggage could feel wildly daunting, so I decided I’d break it down. I took inventory of where I am now and where I want to be by asking myself some important questions. I spent the next few days in deep reflection and meditation. I can assure you, there were some tough moments. Facing oneself isn’t always the prettiest thing in the world. As I am sharing this with you,  remember these questions are how I communicate with my current self and the younger me. If you decide to take yourself through a series of important questions, choose ones that resonate with you and speak your language.

Life {Quest}ions

  • What in my life is taking up space that could be better filled and used for creativity and making magic?


  • What isn’t feeling light, airy and spacious?


  • What or who isn’t lifting me higher?


  • When my mind wanders, where does it go? In other words, what do I spend most of my time thinking about and pondering?


  • And finally the most important question for me personally: What calling am I not answering? What are the things that keep coming back to me over and over again?

As you can imagine, this series of questions brought up SOOOOOO much. I had to allow myself to have all of my feelings and reactions because I knew I’d eventually get back around to the ultimate place of making a plan, creating action steps, and doing whatever it took to make these magical shifts. Here’s what I came up with.

1.  Clarity + Declaration + Sharing

What: Gain clarity on my intentions in order to declare them.

How: Meditate on exactly what shifts I need to make. Declare my intentions. Share it with loved ones for accountability.

2.  Letting Go

What: I will cut the emotional chords and release some deep rooted stories of my past relationships with friends, family and significant others.

How: Sit in deep meditation to bring each person into the room, saying anything and every thing I need to say and then releasing them lovingly with a chord cutting ceremony.

3. Clearing  Space

What: Declutter the physical world around me.

How: Take inventory of the things surrounding me that take up physical space. Get rid of things that are not used, no longer bring me joy or serve me. Mark my calendar and book a friend for hosting a WVW Yard Sale and donations party for homeless pregnant women.

Lastly, feel into the people who surround me. Lovingly release relationships that do not lift me higher or those who I do not lift higher.

4. Abundance

What: Heal my story around money

How: Understand my childhood history and stories around money. Identify the patterns and habits I’ve developed as an adult. Forgive young Tiffany. Release guilt around money. Declare my financial intelligence and ability to attract and nurture abundance.

5. Being of Service

What: Make my number one mission to be of service.

How: Find a cause that I deeply believe in, apply and offer my time and knowledge in addition to donating money and goods.

6. My Calling

What: Answer the calling that I have ignored for YEARS!

How: Continue sharing and inspiring in holistic healing. Continue to live by example.

MY ULTIMATE CHALLENGE… Live out loud by sharing my voice in addition to already sharing through written word. Using the God given talents I was born with to help heal this world.

This seems like SOOOOOO much but because I have been carrying this baggage with me from year to year and place to place, I am deeply inspired to let go and press toward living my message even more. I have declared these things, done some version of them over and over again and certainly achieved a lot. I also know that making shifts and changes are a beautiful part of evolution and growth.

Whether you’ve been in the tribe for years or have just joined us, thank you for the love, support and sharing the journey of life with me. As I step into my ‘New Year’ of celebrating and embracing my life, I am kicking off by announcing my continued  journey to being of service and answering to my calling.  For years I have been sharing and living the message of Wild Vibrant Living. Many of you have been by my side on coaching calls, 30 day challenges, guided meditations, women’s circles and so much more! I am proud of you and proud of us for sticking together. I am also very proud to have created this sacred space that is devoted solely to The Wild Vibrant Woman.


She is Wild. She is Vibrant. She is the EveryDay Woman.

She is a creative rebel.

She is a mother. She is a sister. She is a daughter.

She is bold. She is a dreamer. She nurtures and loves deeply.

She is Wild. She is Vibrant. She is the EveryDay Woman.

She stands strong in her beliefs.

She is brilliant. She is bright. She is bountiful. She is brave.

She is beautiful.

She is Wild. She is Vibrant. She is the EveryDay Woman.


In honor of my birthday and continuing to step into my higher self, I can’t help but kick of with our beloved

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Sending you so much love and all of the light.


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