“Grounding means connecting to the earth to support the specific function of the organs of your body. It supports the body as a whole but it specifically supports organ systems down to the tissues and the cellular function of the entire body.” Laura Koniver M.D.

As you know, just as the universe has your back, the earth supports your body. Imagine walking barefoot in the sand and  absorbing the earths natural free flowing electrons or energy charge. That’s earthing. The cultivation of a grounding practice, connecting to the natural, subtle electric charge of the earth, is enjoyable. The practice is to do as our ancestors and draw energy from the earth by simply sitting, standing or walking on soil, grass, sand and in this day in age, even concrete.

Grounding Heals

  1. Aids in oxygen and nutrients being delivered to the tissues in the body

  2. Helps control blood sugar levels + regulate metabolism

  3. Improves your energy levels

  4. Decreases stress levels- the diurnal rhythm of the stress hormone, cortisol, begins to normalize.

  5. Helps calm the mind and overall being

  6. Improves circulation, blood flow and pressure

  7. Helps rid muscle tension and headaches

  8. Helps ease menstrual and female hormone symptoms

  9. Supports adrenal health

  10. Hastens recovery time post physical activity and the healing process of injuries

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