As women begin to rise up and take a stand for their beliefs, carve out space in modern day society, speak out in truth and shine bright in the world,  we need a sound practice to anchor into. Cultivating a spiritual practice is about dropping in, drawing from inner peace and gratitude, expanding and developing spiritually, going deeper and staying connected to your internal compass.

Whatever your path of discovery and exploration may be, a spiritual practice will always have your back. Whether you are traveling across the world as a digital nomad, working a 9-5 or sitting at home with your babies, you may eventually come across a time in your life of feeling like something is missing; like where you are and what you want to be doing are out of alignment or feeling totally detached from reality or yourself. You could also be in a place where you just really want to be  more connected as a whole. This is where having a spiritual practice will always support you and lift you higher.

Here are a few ways to begin your journey to a strong spiritual practice:

Keep it simple.

It is tempting to go to a class, a workshop or see what someone you follow on instagram is doing and start to try everything at once. While it is beautiful to fall completely in love with the idea of something, get inspired, excited and go full force,  it is also wonderful to start small and take things slowly. Find something that fully resonates with you and speaks your internal language. See how you settle into that.

Start each day with an affirmation

When you open your eyes in the morning, before getting out of bed, set an intention for your day and choose an affirmation to recall throughout the day.

Begin Meditating. 

Start with 5-10 minutes. Set a timer and sit in stillness whilst connecting to your breath. A quiet place would be ideal, but don’t let that stop you from dropping in and quieting your own mind.

Connect with Nature. 

Take a long, barefoot walk in nature to get grounded and connected with mother earth. Whilst walking take long deep breaths. Run your hands through flowers, touch trees and imagine how deep the roots run. Focus on the sounds of nature; the wind, birds chirping, waves, rain.

Attitude of Gratitude.

Keep an ongoing list of things that you are grateful for each day. Focus your thoughts on what you have and celebrate the things that are to come.

Love Your Body.

Your body is your temple. Eat nurturing foods that are full of life. Stay curious about your constitution. Feeling good from the inside out helps you stay connected to your internal compass; there lies your path to living an intentional life.